Asutra Anytime Energy Boost Review

Asutra Anytime Energy Boost
Asutra Anytime Energy Boost

This special essential oil blend of citrus & eucalyptus will perk you up mentally & physically providing a refreshing energy boost anytime of the day. Also called the “anti couch potato” mist because it will definitely make you want to get up and be productive. The aroma smells wonderful and will inspire you mentally and physically.

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Asutra Anytime Energy Boost
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Don’t be fooled by other mists that reek of alcohol based perfumes and artificial fragrances. This is formulated by the yoga and meditation gurus at ASUTRA. We know our mists and ONLY MAKE THE BEST.

We always use the purest essential oils and all natural ingredients and you can feel and smell the difference. Now, you too can enjoy the benefits of ASUTRA’s Anytime Energy Boost like the professional yogis and meditation experts.

All of our mists contain only the finest blend of PURE essential oils and distilled water (so no impurities).

You Can Mist With Confidence Knowing This Contains:

– No alcohol

– No parabens

– No glycerin

– No artificial fragrance

– No animal testing or animal cruelty

All ASUTRA products are made with care & love in the USA. Each batch is carefully hand crafted, tested for quality and then bottled and labelled by a real person. Nothing is mass produced.

Use ANYTIME ENERGY BOOST mist and reconnect with your inner strength. Just breathe and enjoy!

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