What Can Family And Friends Do To Assist With Anxiety?

Each year thousands and thousands of people are diagnosed or are undergoing ongoing treatment for any one of a number of anxiety disorders which affect people either on a physical or emotional level. Because anxiety is thought to be associated with personality traits, thought processes and or chemical imbalance in the brain, treatment and recovery require […]

What Can Causes Stress?

When it comes to causes of stress, there are some obvious ones and some not-so-obvious ones. Obvious stressors include things like the loss of a loved one, a house fire, the loss of a job, illness, or any number of traumatic situations. Some more subtle causes of stress could be a difficult work relationship, finances, […]

What Can Be Done Following An Anxiety Attack?

Find The Best Anxiety Solution Anxiety attacks can strike people of any age at any time. There is often no warning that an anxiety attack is about to occur and its suddenness can cause people a lot of distress. The period following an anxiety attack can be an upsetting one no matter if the person […]

What Are The Symptoms Of General Anxiety Disorder?

If you find yourself worrying about things that are unlikely to happen or you tend to feel anxious, tense or worried all day long when there is really no reason to, then you may well be showing a few of the symptoms of GAD. Everyone has worries, fears and concerns about certain aspects of our […]

What Are The Signs And Symptoms Of Social Anxiety Disorder?

Anxiety is a normal reaction to stressful situations in life but, for a few people, anxiety can become a tremendous burden. If anxiety is beginning to change how you live your life, then you might be being affected by a panic or anxiety disorder. Social anxiety (or social phobia) could be the name for anxiety […]

What Are The Most Commons Panic Disorder Symptoms?

Experiencing a panic attack does not necessarily mean that you already have a panic disorder because there are cases where people suffer from panic disorder symptoms without further episodes or developing any form of complication. However, if you are experiencing more than one episode, which goes on, then you might be developing a panic disorder. […]

What Are The Most Common Side Effects Of Anti-Depressants?

Even if anti-depressants are very commonly prescribed to treat depression, it is hard to argue with the fact that they are not completely safe. You have to take into consideration that mixing drugs with a mental illness is something that is very volatile. These drugs are not naïve; they are very strong and will have […]

What Are The Important Guidelines To Practice Depression Treatment?

Treatment of major depressive disorder (MDD) in adults is based on certain protocols, diagnosis, principles and management. Along with psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy, there are several norms and directions, which has to be followed by the therapist for proceeding with anti depression methods. When an individual faces symptoms of MDD, he/she may be clueless as to […]

What Are The Common Kinds Of Anxiety?

While most of us believe that stress is stress is stress, there are actually many different types of anxiety to consider. By learning which type affects you, you will be able to choose the proper treatment for your symptoms and specific causes. Here are some of the bigger categories you might find yourself in. 1. […]

What Are The Causes Of Anxiety?

Have you ever had trouble with anxiety before? Absolutely, every human being who ever lived has experienced anxiety before: the quickened heart beat, the dizzy spells, difficulty breathing evenly, and even numbness in their extremities. But what is it exactly, and what are the causes of anxiety? First off, too many people look at anxiety […]