How Can You Smartly Fight Depression At Work

How Can You Smartly Fight Depression At Work

It is the start of a new day. You have to drag your feet down on cold floor once again, and literally ‘drag’ yourself to the workplace against your will? Do you feel panicky, anxious and irritated at the thought of going to your desk today? Does the scenario get worse once you hit up a task? Are you filled with feelings of worthlessness, guilt, and aversion even after you are done with the routine? Well, if these feelings prolong for many weeks together, then perhaps these are an indication of depression.

Being overwhelmed by a project is not an odd aspect. But, letting it take over the sanity of your mind, does deal a blow to life out of the four walls of your office, and even when performing a task.

Here are ways to maintain productivity at workplace and dealing with depression simultaneously.

1. Set a Timeline

We often get buried under the load of tasks, which are difficult to manage. Draw a timetable, setting the duration at which you expect each project to be complete. This will give you a headway as to what is to be done and when. Divide the tasks as per priority. Get the most important things done initially, one at a time.

Take up the task that is bound by a tight deadline at first, and then follow with a less cumbersome project and henceforth. Pursuing the workload, while knowing the consequences will surely ease on stress, help prepare mind to deal with the work, and make you proactive at the same time.

2. Segregate the Tasks

You can break the complexity of a project by segregating it into sections. Do not look at it as a steep peak, which has to be topped within a given timeframe. Begin with targeting the first section, then the next and thereby, it would be simpler to complete the whole task. Use this tactic for every project, be it a very small, simple or an important job.

These steps will increase concentration, improve cognition, and organize the flow of events, immediately eliminating your depressive state. You would be done with the project, before you even know. Moreover, your efficiency at workplace will also heighten, making you more organized and dynamic.

3. Take a Break

After a project or between the same, you can take a short break. This will assist in breaking the monotony and supplement your mind with freshness. Set a goal, on being done with the same, give yourself a reward: a break. Decide the period of this interval, say 5 minutes, 10 minutes etc. Take a cup of coffee, walk around, visit washroom to wash your face, look outside the window, stretch your arms and legs randomly etc.

Overworking your mind can invite depression. Thus, small breaks between work hours are one of the best ways to curb depressive thoughts. Flexing muscles aids in getting back to the groove and shrug off feelings of ‘I cannot do this’, ‘I am so tired’, ‘what an irksome task’ etc.

4. Get out of Confines

Spending 8 hours at desk or at the same place may seem dreary. So, get yourself out of the confines and rather get some sun and breeze. A lot many times, the indoor atmosphere is enough to bring depression. Not because, the surroundings are scary, but it may be devoid of appropriate ventilation, be of an undesirable temperature (too much of heat/cooling etc).

When you take a break, like lunch hours etc. make it a point that you step out of the office for a breath of fresh air and bask in sun for sometime. If you work at night, the natural breeze is very refreshing. This change of place and moment, will de-stress and work as a timeout from the tasks. It will serve better in coping with depression at no cost at all.

5. Be Sociable

Form a friend circle at workplace, and do not dwindle in loneliness. With more of interaction and sharing of thoughts with colleagues, the depression will immediately begin to fade away. As it is workplace, make sure you indulge project related frustration only to the ones you really trust. Even by having constant conversations and laughter, the mind remains rejuvenated.

Laughter boosts mood, and being social may welcome support from friends when needed. For e.g. you may want to share your mealtime with colleagues, than secluded in a corner having your meal quietly, in turn only thinking about the tasks to be done. Get to know those around you; it will inadvertently bring a smile on face.

6. Engage in Activities

Participate in extra-curricular activities at workplace. Be it a soccer match, golf outing, a picnic, annual function etc. It will not only make you known among colleagues, but also add facets to you other than somber work profile. If you think your office lacks such facilities, may be talk to the management and make it happen. Perhaps, other people around you are also dealing with depression.

Interesting activities at office will not make the indoors feel like a prison, rather it will open avenues that helps expressing self and explore the talents, one never knew about. This behaviour also increases chances to healthy interaction with others and team building. Both are vital to erode depression.

7. Relax your Mind and Body

While it is not possible to lay a mat between work hours and commence yoga or aerobics, there are other ways to kill stress and anxiety with easy relaxation techniques. If your job involves being at computer for long hours, then practice eye exercises like revolving your eye balls, looking away from computer for sometime etc. Taking deep breaths and talking back to your mind positively will calm you.

If you are feeling drowsy or stuck at a task, then wash your face and hands, look at the mirror and just smile and you will be all right for getting back at work, energized. If you are having back pain or numbness in fingers, legs etc. get up and wiggle your legs and hands, stretch your back and shoulders. These will deter physical stress and act as anti depression exercise.

8. Anticipate and Motivate

If a project is using up more time than expected or it has failed, then do not lose hope. Anticipate a positive outcome by telling yourself you will do better next time, or such mishaps keep happening and can be dealt with effectively. Focus on the mistakes, and work around them so that these do not hinder other tasks in future.

Keep encouraging yourself that feeling sad is not going to help. You have to find a way to reach a solution. If assistance is required, and the tasks seems too big to be done alone, then speak to the concerned authority and unhesitatingly let him/her know about the scenario, and find a way out.

9. Be the Real You

Do not forget to be the real you and not to disguise self as anyone else when in office. Set realistic expectations and promise others only the stuff, you think you can achieve, it is good to go beyond and challenge yourself, but not to a limit that it makes you depressed. Do not try to be like a competitor and enact his/her role or imitate the same.

But, you can obviously adapt the good aspects of others. Being you will keep self happy and help in understanding, approaching a situation uniquely. If you feel something is restraining you, and adding up to depression or stress, learn to draw a line, and limit those from restricting your progress. Give the best of you, and success will eventually follow.

How Can You Smartly Fight Depression At Work

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