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What Are Depression Causes?

What Are Depression Causes

Depression refers to a type of illness which results in a continued feeling of sadness as lack of interest in activities or things that would usually appeal to a person. Depression usually has an impact on how a person behaves, thinks or even feels and if it is not controlled then it is likely to give rise to physical and emotional problems as a person who is depressed is not able to carry on with day to day activities and harbours a feeling of being unworthy. This means that it is important to understand the causes of depression in order to address the situation effectively before it gets out of hand.

According to studies carried out to determine the causes of depression, the findings indicate that there are different causes of depression. The first of these is illness whereby people who have been found to be suffering from illnesses that are life threatening like cancer or heart disease have been found to have a high risk of being depressed. Equally, being caught up in stressful events may also cause depression because most of these tend to cause you to release too much negative energy that is not good.

Another cause of depression is family history; whereby, it may be passed on to you from a family member who has suffered from the condition in the past. Even then, this is highly an unlikely cause compared to the other causes.

A person’s personality may also be a source of depression as it is believed that people with certain personality traits like those people who are too critical of themselves or those have low self-esteem. The other aspect of personality is that you may just inherit your parents’ personality genes so that you will suffer from depression like they did.

Some natural situations like giving birth can also lead to depression because the whole pregnancy cycle up to the time of giving birth and the motherly responsibilities, that follow comes with a lot of hormonal changes that causes a woman not to understand themselves and this can be quite depressing.

Alcohol and drugs are yet another cause of depression as opposed to helping calm your sorrows because you will be forced to constantly use them in order to escape from reality and this is both unhealthy and costly. Besides the problems that you may be running away from will remain unresolved thereby making you even more depressed.

Loneliness that is a result of being away from people who are close to you can also cause you to sink into depression because you will be disconnected from that supportive voice or the voice of reproach.

Although many people ignore this, it is true that poor nutrition can also cause depression as there are certain foods that contain nutrients that are necessary in keeping depression at bay. In summary, depression has many causes as discussed above, therefore, it is important to identify the actual cause of depression in order to offer the right treatment without second guessing.

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