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What Are The Common Kinds Of Anxiety?

What Are The Common Kinds Of Anxiety

While most of us believe that stress is stress is stress, there are actually many different types of anxiety to consider. By learning which type affects you, you will be able to choose the proper treatment for your symptoms and specific causes.

Here are some of the bigger categories you might find yourself in.

1. Panic Disorders

When you suffer from regular panic attacks, you might be diagnosed with a panic disorder. In this type of anxiety, the body is subjected to rushes of adrenaline that cause a variety of physical symptoms, often similar to a heart attack, though harmless when properly diagnosed.

2. Generalized Anxiety Disorders

If you feel anxious most of the time, regardless of the situation or the work you need to do, you might suffer from a more general form of anxiety. When you can’t relax, you need to find help.

3. Depressive Disorders

Most people don’t think of depression as a form of anxiety, but when life seems to attack you from all sides, you’re not only going to feel anxiety, but you may also feel sad about your inability to cope.

4. Social Anxiety

If talking to other people makes your palms sweat, you may be suffering from social anxiety. In this anxiety, the stress you feel when faced with social interaction can dramatically reduce your ability to function.

5. Obsessive Compulsive Behaviours

While not as common as other anxiety disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder can result from long term anxiety. When you find yourself having to complete certain tasks in order to feel in control, you may have OCD.

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